It's all about passion...

My story

In life, we seek our own way, we are all in pursuit of happiness. We want to find something that's going to make us different from the others, make our life special. We want to find a sense of life and we are testing different things just to find something that will be most important for us. Something that helps us to spread our wings and let our dreams come true. One day I came to the point where I realized that something was wrong in my life. Computer science wasn't what I wanted to do. I've realised what that is, that something that was so magical and amazing for a little boy can become a real thing for a mature man. Only then I have decided to do this and take it seriously. I've realised that Photography can be more than just a passion and a dream. It can become my profession with skills for life.
Someone could ask why Photography? Photography is the medium, which allows us to show our own point of view, sometimes helps us to understand the world we live in and to discover something new about ourselves. Photography is like a passion, sometimes it is like a deeply concealed mystery, sometimes it gives us a chance to see what is invisible, hidden deep in our dreams. It is like desire, always bringing a joy.